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Stolen from almost everyone [18 Dec 2011 | 8:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I did this once. decided against it. but who gives a shit.. here goes nuttin.

This is the thing where you post something anonymously in the comments section. Tell me a secret, tell me what you think of me. Or, ask me a question. Anything at all, like the kind of thing you normally wouldn't ask or would be too embarassed to ask. all anonymous! hell, you can even post twice if ya want. just be completely honest.

75 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

glassjaw. [7 Jan 2004 | 1:39pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

"How do you heal, if you don't ease back the blame..
knowing you're right, won't you heal?"

response: It's not whether you're right or wrong, it's what you lose in the process..

8 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

from this day forth [27 Dec 2003 | 12:40pm]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

20 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

Last night was cute. [27 Dec 2003 | 2:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I got to see my friend get engaged right in front of me. :)
[well infront of about 10 others as well hehe]
Her now fiance' got everyone's attention, said how much he loved this girl, then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. You know everyone in there was smiling. It was amazing. ha. I smile thinking about it. :)

So, Neil I thought of you when this happened, and came to the conclusion.... Good things do happen... Just not to us. hahaha.

I'm not exactly sure what else I wanted to write. I'm kinda drawing a blank. blah.

birthday count down = 1 month exactly

1 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

late night [26 Dec 2003 | 3:25am]
[ mood | tired ]

still up.
I think it's been a while since I've been home, and stayed up this late. ha.
so it'll result in another post...

Had a mini picture war earlier. You can see some of it, but the rest were through im. hahah. man. It is sumtin fun for when you are extremely bored.
This of course is what it ended in.. :)

Dad had something nice to say today. Just like always.
dad: Eileen your birthday is in like a month right?
me: Yeah dad, why?
dad: b/c then I only have to put with you bein a teenager for another year.
[what does that mean?]

gettin a lil tired. laughin a lil more than usual..hahah man.
Time for Boondock Saints and bed.

Oh yeah...
I need some 2 gauges.
and I'm done.

5 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

a lil late. [25 Dec 2003 | 6:47pm]
[ mood | content ]

Merry Christmas fuckers. :)

I mean that in a nice way.

I got a few things for Christmas.

  • Donnie Darko.
  • Requiem for a Dream.
  • 13 Ghosts. [ooh man, matthew lillard.]
  • Boondock Saints.
  • Brand New.
  • Brak. 27 episodes I might add :)
  • Some waterfall/light thing. [a Grandma present]
  • Little bear trinket thing. [7 year old cousin present heheh.<3]
  • lotion. spray. all kinds of bath stuff.

Aside, from gifts. Things are changing, and it's weird. We had family lunch at Grandma's, instead of traditional dinner. It only lasted about 3-4 hours instead of all day. Not that I'm complaining on that one, but it just doesn't feel right. My dad didn't even attend the event.   : /

It's alright though. I'll manage. Change sucks, but I think I can deal with it. Growing up is a bitch.

Now, New Years to look forward to. That is kind of exciting. Then my birthday! I need to start a countdown. ... 1 month 2 days. :)

Hope everyone else had a good day. Even if it did just seem like any other day.


2 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

fuck [22 Dec 2003 | 2:39am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

First night sleeping in my own bed, in 7 nights.
I'm so pissed off right now.
Tomorrow = Christmas shopping & all you can eat shrimp.
That is all.
[but I do love this song.]

7 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

[11 Dec 2003 | 1:59pm]
[ mood | creative ]

He sits anxiously in his chair.

waiting to see if her name will pop up online.

10 minutes pass. soon 20.


Aim alert. She's now online.

The moment has come.

Confess his love, or let it go forever.

Heart beating rapidly, he clicks up her name.

"I've always had feelings for you. I sometimes daydream about what our lives would be like together. I want to love you and have you feel the same." All written to be sent.

All thats left is enter and await her response.

Will she say the same to him? Does she feel the same or will she think he's crazy??

Time comes.

"Hey can we talk?" is finally written.

click enter.

His auto-away message: I'm away from my computer.

Girl: *sigh* i was hoping he'd be online today, i think i love him....

if it's the last thing you do...

setting us up to fall. [10 Dec 2003 | 10:26pm]
[ mood | weird ]

"live each day, like it's your last"

What the fuck? That is a bullshit saying.

If you lived everyday like it was your last, you'd fail miserably. On my last day alive,
I wouldn't go to school.

I'd say fuck work.

Fuck getting my car fixed.

Let's spend all my money on bullshit.
I'd finally sky dive.
I'd act like an asshole! :)
run my car into things.. haha

break things.
tell people off.
steal cars, and get in a police car chase..

I'd do so much shit, that would get me in trouble for a long time..
and if I did that shit everyday, like that damn saying says.. I'd be fucked.
I just don't understand it.

and one more thing..

I hate stupid ppl.

oh yeah.. and if one more old person pulls out in front of me.. I will NOT swerve.. I am just gonna total them.

7 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

Ben and Jerry's [9 Dec 2003 | 5:11pm]
[ mood | okay ]

We'll see how long this gets...

I ran from my ex b/f today.. Literally ran.
He parked right next to me at school, so when I came out of class, I made a mad dash for my car got in and drove off, before he could say anthing to me. haha
I can't wait until next semester.. Hopefully he won't have class the same days as me.
I think he is the first person I have this much hatred for, and it is a lot.

School was alright though. I took my Criminal Justice final today. I'm scared. We get the results back on Thursday. It tells me whether I pass the class or not. Tomorrow is my math final, and friday is a Sociology test. ehhh..

Got a lil bit of Christmas shopping done today. For my friends that is. As a family we decided to skip it this year. Everyone is short on cash, and it's not like we get each other anything useful anyway.. hahah..

hmmm... I think I've been a lil happier lately. It's nice. I miss being all happy all the time, and havin fun. Hopefully it only gets better.. I'd like that.

Oh yeah..
Dustin drew me a picture a lil while ago..
what an artistCollapse )
yeah.. wonder who that girl is... :)

And since I made a deal with someone to write more.. it's your turn.. Go!

6 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

I am a dumbass [6 Dec 2003 | 8:46pm]
[ mood | silly ]

one quickie.
I emailed my Sociology teacher the other day, to find out what I got on my final paper in there.

My email consisted of:
Hi, This is Eileen from your Sociology 151-03 class, on Tues & Thurs at 11:00-12:25. I'm not sure what I have to tell you so you know which one is me...what is my grade.. blah blah

she emailed me back...

Seriously, who forgets their last name of all things??

5 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

someone told me the music I like sounds like puking on the mic. it was atreyu [3 Dec 2003 | 10:24am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Linda: yeah too bad life wasn't just a board game I wouldn't play
Me: omg.. ha me too
Me: or i'd cheat..
Linda: yeah cheat ha ha
Linda: always be the winner.

That's what I'm talking about..

I finally bought my own guitar today. We'll see how far I can get without help. Then I'll be tracking down some ppl, to save me.

One more week of classes. Niiiice.

I sure do leave a lot of my feelings out of this thing...

6 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

classes [20 Nov 2003 | 1:22am]
[ mood | scared ]

Well I just registered for classes..
as follows:
Poli Sci - MW
Psychology - MW
Speech - M
Fund. of Criminal Invest. - W
[all monday's and Wednesday's]
yay ;)

I'm afraid of my speech class though.. really afraid.

on another note.. Ron left a note on my car, poorly apologizing and wanting to hang out.. why does he keep trying to hold on to our relationship?? I seriously want him to go away. He treated me like shit, and I'm over it. ...any advice??

well. I'm tired.

Tomorrow will be better..
I got my job back!!!

5 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

i have adhd [17 Nov 2003 | 11:27pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I just did a 10 minute long crazy ass dance around my room....
yes.. I do dance like a wacko when no one is looking :)

[I think it could be the result of too many cookies and the fact that I finally got my sociology paper written..both good things of course.]

2 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

crazy dude [14 Nov 2003 | 11:33am]
[ mood | shocked ]

Some guy just chased me down in traffic.
At the stoplight, I finally rolled down my window..
He just wanted to tell me how beautiful I was..
[must have forgotten his glasses today.]

5 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

please don't call anymore [26 Oct 2003 | 10:55pm]
[ mood | confused ]

i don't think i can manage the friend's title.
its not that i want more.
i think i actually want less.
is that wrong of me
or do the circumstances equal it out?
is what you put me through
acceptable enough for me to feel this way.
i guess we'll see with time.
as for now.
don't expect me to call.
i can't grant you that wish.

i hope that one day you find her.

3 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

he gets his jollies. [25 Oct 2003 | 2:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

highlight of my night was just over an hour ago:
i went to get in the shower.. had everything ready. water going.. noticed i forgot the face wash. my solution:

run back to my room to get it.... naked. ;)
so to all of those who like to look in my windows.. you're welcome for the show.

ron called today.. had the nerve to ask me if he could buy the deftones ticket off me.
i just laughed a lil and told him my friend was already buyin that.. [someone should have thought of that before he acted the way he did to me]

one last thing. me and kellie were drivin back to monroe, after gettin the worlds best ice cream. [in wyandotte] and the highway was blocked off again.. i was like C'MON..
second time this week...
well after putting along a lil while we saw the accident.
and then after passing the totally smashed car.. we looked back.. and you could see the bright yellow plastic .. ...
covering the dead body.
that was one of the most creepy things i've seen in a while. i'm kinda speechless now that i think about it..

halloweekends at cedar point tomorrow.
hell yeah. :)

6 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

i got stage fright. [23 Oct 2003 | 2:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

you got it.
i tried goin to the bathroom today before my soc class.
i got stage fright. i dunno what happened. i think it was the fact that there was a girl in the exact stall next to mine. haha, man. i had to pee really bad. it was one of the worst experiences ever.. i felt like an ass.

in class: we watched some documentary. :/ |i was bored.|
result: i took a pic of my ring, with my camera phone.

my ringCollapse )

[thats right. no more. don't ask.]

its time for a nap.

6 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

Random photos. [22 Oct 2003 | 3:16am]
[ mood | awake ]

i'm still up. i refuse to take naps anymore.
this is gonna result in some random pic posting.

me lookin down. hehe literally..

this is a damn cool tree, i saw at some metro park.

my belly button. in the black light

i'm gonna have an extra ticket to the [defontes]thursday|thrice| show..
if anyone wants to purchase that.. ;) ;)

i decided i don't want to go with ron. long story.
i'll go now. :)

ps. love this song

8 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

[16 Oct 2003 | 1:34am]
donnie darko is amazing.
6 must have run all day if it's the last thing you do...

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